Have you ever been driving along the road and noticed the fit jogger working up a sweat while listening to music? I can’t help but be a little envious of their body and motivation. I always assumed that the only reason to run was to get in shape. I found out that there’s much more too it which leads me to respect people who run and exercise.

Besides making you look great, exercise can also help you in many other ways. To start, exercise can improve you quality of life. Research says it can add years to your life, probably due to the fact that it can help prevent diseases like colon and breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

Exercise also provides more concrete physical results. This is what helps me continue to exercise on a regular basis. It’s hard to use the fact that exercise helps prevent disease as daily motivation. Instead, it’s great to see a reduction or stability (depending on what exercise you’re doing) in your weight. Also, noticing a difference in strength and toned body parts helps make all the hard work worth it. Since we naturally compare ourselves to our friends, when I notice that I have more stamina than my friend who is approximately the same age and build, it gives me an increase in my self-esteem.

Another great benefit for exercise is for all of those who are too stressed and lack the energy after a hard day at work. Exercise not only increases energy because it makes your body become more efficient at burning calories, but it also reduces your stress levels by taking your mind off of your daily “grind” and use your energy for productive purposes.

So if you’re not convinced on the importance and benefits of exercise, I suggest just giving it a try, and once you notice the results, you’ll be a believer. Research says that a beginner should exercise around 3 days a week (aerobic) while an experienced person should exercise around 200 minutes a week with no more than an hour-long session (also aerobic). It is also very important not to start exercising, then stop for a while, and then start back up again. Consistency is key to seeing and feeling results.

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