Setting and Meeting Goals

At GoalSponsors, we want to help everyone to reach their goals: is it losing weight? Starting a new business? Breaking a bad habit? Whatever it is – we’re here to help.

 Reaching a dream or achieving a goal can be a life-changing milestone of which you’ll be so very proud.

 Here are some steps for success as you set and reach your goals:


  • Be specific. As you set your intentions, be clear about the goal and the steps you will take to get there.
  • Have progress “checkpoints.” Without them, you may not be able to clearly see the steps you’re making towards reaching your goals.
  • Form a timeline. This will help you to stay on schedule and keep you regimented and on track.
  • Be realistic. Set goals that you have the power to meet, and make sure they are realistic and controllable.
  • Define your goals in steps. It may take baby steps for you to meet your optimal outcome, but you’ll get there!
  • Be accountable. Use GoalSponsors so that you will be responsible for your progress. Checking in with a sponsor and investing in your success will make you be accountable to the outcome you hope to achieve.

 We all have goals and the ability to meet them. What will you do to jump start your efforts?


– Ashley Boynes-Shuck