Visualization is one way that you can stay focused on your goals. Whether it is weight loss or quitting smoking, envisioning what you want and setting clear intentions is a great way to never lose sight of the finish line.

If your goal is weight loss, you can visualize:

  • What new clothes you can wear
  • How strong and fit you will feel
  • How much longer you’ll be able to exercise
  • The beach body you’ve always wanted
  • Better longevity and quality of life
  • Throwing away your “fat pants”
  • The self-confidence you’ll gain

If your goal is, for example, giving up cigarettes, you can visualize:

  • The money you’ll save from not buying them
  • The hospital stays you may face if you don’t quit
  • The fresh, crisp air you’ll be able to better breathe once you stop
  • How much better you’ll smell
  • How much whiter your teeth will get
  • More lustrous, less brittle hair and nails
  • A longer life for you to enjoy with your loved ones
  • Throwing away that pack or carton of cigarettes
  • Other new lifestyle changes that may come along with it
  • The self-confidence gained from not giving into addiction

With any type of goal, it’s also great to visualize that “a-ha!” moment when you realize YOU DID IT!

What will it look like? Jumping for joy? Smiles, and hugs? Fist pumps in the air? A sense of accomplishment?

Or, will it be more pensive, reflective, subdued, and introspective?

Regardless of how you celebrate, you deserve to be celebrated! Reaching a dream you always envisioned or a goal that you never felt would be possible is an amazing feat, and one you deserve to be applauded for.

Your sponsor and the GoalSponsors community will be cheering you on every step of the way.

You can practice visualization by stating affirmations, doing meditation, journaling your goals, making a checklist, creating an inspiration or vision board, or just by sharing your goals and how you envision meeting them with your GoalSponsors sponsor.

Let’s visualize, and then REALIZE, our dreams, together.

 – Ashley Boynes-Shuck